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3D Gun Printing is disrupting the state’s monopoly on violence and is causing disruption in the economics of violence. It’s important that this information is freely available and spread wide.

These are the resources from my Underground Citadel talk at BitBlockBoom 2022.

Presentation Download

2020 Recorded Presentation on Bitcoin Kindergarten

Organization Websites

These are the primary orgs where you can find signal. The keybase group below is public and there is a ton of action there. People are willing to help you there, just be sure to read the pinned messages (they will boot you if you are a dumbass).

The Guides

These are some great guides to understand what I mean when I say documentation matters. The Deterrence Dispensed team has but together some fantastic resources to help you get started.

Software Downloads


Personal Websites

These are some of the personal websites of the admins of the Deterrence Dispensed keybase. You can spend hours in this content. This is the door to the rabbit hole.

Github Repositories

Here are a few gh repos dedicated to 3D2A.

Twitter Follows

The gun crowd is insane and you should devinitely follow these accounts.


Watch Plastic Defense

Bitcoin and 3D Printing

There’s DEFINITELY overlap between the rogue gun enthusiasts, the 3D printing gang, and bitcoiners. CryptoCloaks sits in the middle of the 3D printing and Bitcoin venn diagram. They’ve got some cool free projects you can download and a great telegram you can follow.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will give 3D printing a chance. You DO NOT have to be a mechanical engineer to get started. It is as simple as copying a file to a SD card and clicking print(yes, that is highly simplified).

If you’ve read this far and still want more content, consider visiting WORDS Bitcoin Journal or connect with me on twitter. Don’t be a stranger.

Remember, you’re not a real Bitcoiner unless you run a 3D Printer and always level your print bed.