I keep saying that VR is here and last night I experienced it again. This is my 3rd time with a VR goggle headset and each time the graphics exceed my expectations. HP had their Omen PC on display up front at the Microsoft store and they were demoing some virtual home bullshit. I don’t know why they think users want to navigate a virtual home and move flower pots around, but that’s why someone at Microsoft retail is paid the big bucks. After 3 reboots, the experience launched. After several more minutes of moving plants around I found a Halo icon and jumped into that. Why this demo didn’t launch into Halo is beyond me. The halo demo was a first person shooter in training mode. Covenant enemy targets were popping out and you got some target practice. My impression of that was very good. If I had a home entertainment room, I’d have a VR PC right now.
Final Thoughts:
  • This is only gen 1 or 2, I am really excited about Gen 5 and beyond.
  • This will be awesome with voice communications with friends
  • I want to see a real time strategy like Warcraft 3 from an above the battlefield pov. Almost like you were controlling the army from a goblin zeppelin.
  • Also, it will be cool to see Heroes of the Storm or DOTA in a VR platform so you can see the whole map without having to move move you pov to that part of the map.
  • HOTS and DOTA would be especially cool with Hololens on a table top.
As VR goes mainstream, it will be interesting to see how Peoples desire for real world objects decline and virtual objects increase.