It’s been one hell of a holiday. I have not done any newsletter posts and I feel a bit guilty about that but it’s not like I didn’t think about cranking out posts. I did manage to pick up a few more graphics cards and after 12 hours of troubleshooting the rig, I have it running decently.

I’m seeing 178 Mh/s on Claymore Dual miner after adding thge two new GPU’s.

I purchased (2) NVIDIA GTX 1070ti straight from NVIDIA’s website. They set me back quite a few bucks but it’s been a learning experience.

For one, the NVIDIA cards required no additional “bios flashing” out of the box. I downloaded drivers, plugged in cards, and booted and everything was recognized. I hopped in MSI afterburner and cranked up memory and BAM! I’m getting 31+ Mh/s per card.

Here’s the bad part, I can’t get the AMD cards back up to 30 Mh/s. I’ve played with every setting I can get my hands on but i get BSOD whenever I start mining.
I’ll figure it out because I need to see 180 Mh/s on this rig because it’s so close.
I think I want to max out this board for my next step, but I need additional risers and power supply. My frame will easily accomodate 4 additional cards but 6 will probably be pushing it. I think I’ll push it to the max just to say i did it.
Cable management is not a word in this rigs vocabulary.