I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 but never really gotten into it. I remember the first day I logged in and was like “WTF is this fire hose and what’s a RT?”. Years passed, oh fuck, a decade passed and here I am now. Still scratching my head wandering if Twitter has a place in my life.

I’ve purged my list of people I follow several times over the years but it still felt so chaotic.

Something happened…

I tried making lists a while back but didn’t make specific enough categories and didn’t throw everyone in their place. Over the weekend I sat my happy ass on the couch watching shitty Bravo with the wife and put every person in a list, sometimes multiple lists.

This took forever. The quickest way to put file contacts was on the Surface Pro 3 with touch screen. Literally the first time tablet touch was faster than a phone or PC.

After several hours of trash TV and fingering the Surface, my lists were complete. It felt great.

I flipped out my phone and hopped in a list and it felt amazing to scroll through tweets that had a general subject. Sure there were occasional “off topic” tweets in my lists but that’s ok. For the majority of the tweets they were on subject with the list title and if not, I knew the author was someone who participates in that space.

It’s been 3 days and I really like Twitter. I should say, I like my lists.

Recommendations for @jack

Curated lists

Add search queries to lists

More spam bot censorship

Fuck off with “shadow bans”

Edit tweets

Make it easier to jump between lists

More recommendations for followers

More analytics for your personal tweets

More search tools to see influencers for categories and other users most popular tweets, also needs to be able to search on date criteria

I’ll follow up in this in a couple months.