The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about the importance of privacy and how little we have. I read an article a while back and it was talking about how Google and Facebook’s mission statement sound very noble and moral but there’s no way for them to fulfill these principles because they are a private company and have to do what’s best for shareholders (make as much money as possible).

With that article in mind, I can’t find it anywhere, I’ve been looking for alternative tech services that are non profit and have the users best interest in mind. So far I’ve come up with Mozilla Foundation, ToR Project, and a handful of others.
Where are this weird point in time where no one really knows or cares about their data as long as google tells them an answer when they ask and as long as they get a bunch of likes on that hamburger pic they uploaded on Instagram.
Where are the non profits serving up encrypted email, cloud storage, anonymous browsing, crypto wallets, and more?
I’m ready to unplug from FB but all the groups I am in have abandoned their message boards and I don’t want to miss out on the conversations…. what to do?
This is what I’m doing. I will try to move away from Gmail for my personal email affairs and migrate into Proton Mail. They don’t have calendar services YET but say they are coming. Next I am going to get off FB and be a contributor on the message boards. That’s all I can do. I will stay on instagram because I don’t see the harm in liking pictures. Also, Twitter, I don’t use it much, they aren’t making money, so I’ll keep it for now and try to use it more. I just can’t get into it.