I’m sitting here watching Droneweek, hyped up about the FPV racing drones. This is definitely gonna be huge.
I’ve thought drones are a huge market opportunity and here are a couple ideas I’ve been kicking around for a year or so….
  1. Drone Security – this would be an aerial drone surveillance and security company that could patrol or be dispatched upon command. Think if you had a large property and an intruder was detected and a drone could be dispatched to film and shout Commands at the intruder, that would be scary/valuable.
  2. Event audio video – specifically youth sports. You’d need a drone and operator with 4k camera. Additional cameras on ground and an film editor. I believe you could capture up to $500 per game for film. Think about signing a deal with a team that youd film all their games and roll that cost into team dues… there’s plenty of parents who’d pay that extra $50 per game to have their kids games on film…. Unless they ride the bench.
  3. NEW CONCEPT THANKS DRONEWEEK –¬†Inspection drones – quickly inspect street structures via drone and high powered camera.