Quad cubes, future features

The Gartner Magic quadrant is cool and all but they don’t show price. Would be great to incorporate price into a quad or wave.
Also, link to relevant decks for each tech as well as promos for that technology.
# Share price news chart, a future feature {.title}
I want to develop a chart that overlays big news for a company with their stock price. Would also show key competitor moves or geo political news that might effect share price.

The last fanny pack you’ll ever need

I haven’t been to a tailgate this year but if I was planning on it, this would be a must have item. The only thing I’m worried about is if it will fit around my current dad bod. If I get one of these I’ll share a pic.

Desk Robot

I want a little Robot that lives on my desk.
It should be mobile, because it needs to graze around like a piece of livestock.
But unlike an animal, this bot will be Cloud connected thanks to cloud integration thanks to Amazon or Google.
It’ll have a little Qi charging mat so I never have to worry about it.
If I had two of these bots they would play tag and  mozy around like Sims.
It’ll be AI powered too, have a camera built in, and be a little companion.

My wife’s little brother has a bot that’s the form factor I like. It stacks blocks and shit like that.