I’m an enterprise technology marketer, salesman, Bitcoin hodler, barbeque enthusiast, and a Dad. My journey as a first college graduate to business owner has provided valuable business and life lessons. I graduated from Christian Brothers University, and was also a Men’s Soccer Letterman. I’ve sold hardware, software, sneakers, and beer. Right now I’m focused on enterprise technology marketing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. I am a Bitcoin hodler who eats far too much barbeque and I love my family.


WORDS // A Bitcoin journal.

WORDS // A Bitcoin journal.

WORDS is a monthly journal of Bitcoin commentary.


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FYLR // Fuck Yeah Little Rock

A Little Rock food, drink, entertainment, and sports blog. It’s kinda dirty but that’s how I prefer it.


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My Ideas Blog

A place to brainstorm ideas out-loud. Many entries are a work in progress.

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